Musikmesse 2015 - end of an era?

As a regular Musikmesse attendee this year's Musikmesse felt different in that quite a few big names (Shure, Fender ...) were missing or were having events outside of the Messe. It left me feeling that the days of Musikmesse are over, especially for sound professionals which the Musikmesse never really catered towards. It's always been focused on establishing trade relations and next year even that seems to be closing down considering that there will be no more trade-visitor only days.

Of course the exhibitors were always open to us sound pro's but if the Musikmesse itself does not cater to us as an audience then companies are of course also reluctant to send in their techs and instead have the Marketing and Sales departments show up in Frankfurt, which sadly for a good few years now has already been the case. It's always been easy to get a sales rep but the tech folks were hard to find. 

In any case, as far as new releases are considered I didn't find that much of interest in the way of sound design (of course nearly everything there makes noise ...) although it's always great to be able to talk to the people who created the tools I use every day, whether it's Røde, Moog, Dynaudio, Yamaha etc. However, it really is nice to be able to see, touch, play with and compare it all in one place. The little synth booths are hard to get past without spending hours fiddling and tweaking but of course one also wants to cover as much ground as possible. I really do hope I'm wrong and Musikmesse does a 180, gathering some of its relevance back and re-targeting not only the sales departments but also the musicians, sound and lighting pros. Anyhow, below, video and photos of some crazy stuff.

Air Guitar, done right!