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Our Mission

We offer complete Audio & Video Production for any budget. Imagefilms, product presentations and videos of all kind for social media but also podcasts, radio advertising and sound design. In short, the whole palette of audio & video (post) production.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help you create audio and video that match the same high standards as your own company and products or services do. And at (almost) any budget.

The Process


We talk and listen very carefully with you about the goals of the project and what it is you wish to achieve with it. We get to know your values and style so we can create audiovisual media that properly represents your company.


Based on over 10 years of experience we thoroughly plan the production. Using our innovative online collaboration tools you will be able to follow along and interact with us at any time during the whole project.


Action! We execute the required shots and recordings in the most efficient way possible to minimize disruption to your everyday business (if at all). Once everything’s captured we review all material.


During the post-production process where we assemble all shots and recordings and give it the final polish you will once again be able to watch over our shoulders using online collaboration tools to make sure everything is headed where you want it.


“A picture is worth a thousand words .”

We will give you 25 pictures per second and a soundtrack on top.



Complete audio & video post production all from one source.
Of course we also offer you our experience, know-how and state of the art tech for individual services.


Audio Services

Sound Design

Starting with either recording or audio manipulation, synthesis, foley, procedural audio or other tools, Sound'r creates original sounds for logos, cinematics & cut-scenes, user interface sounds, ambience, environments and much, much more. With years of experience and a dedicated foley and recording studio, Sound'r can craft the perfect audio for your project.

Dialogue editing

Editing out unwanted parts of a recording and cleaning up the audio to eradicate background noises such as airplanes and cars, wind and other unwanted sounds to leave only a clear and clean recording of the spoken word. Sound'r has cleaned up and restored audio deemed unrecoverable for interviews, documentaries, shorts and even legal matters using state of the art restoration software. 

Sound Editing

Sound editing encompasses the selecting, assembling, trimming, and aligning of all combined audio assets such as sound effects, foley, music, ambience and dialogue, ensuring perfect sync with visual media and preparing the project for mixing and mastering. Closely related to the act of mixing, the goal while performing "sound editing" is to create a clean sequence of all audio assets to then finalize the mix. 

Mixing & Mastering

During the final stage all audio assets are mixed in relation to each other, emphasizing and dynamically adjusting the entire soundtrack to deliver maximum emotional impact and fully merging the audio with the visual. Mixing and mastering techniques vary depending on the target medium ranging from Cinema over TV to online platforms such as YouTube or Facebook or even live event video displays. With years of experience mixing for all of these scenarios and more, Sound'r will make sure that no matter where your film is presented, it will sound its absolute best.  

Video Services


Using state of the art cameras and drones from both our own pool of equipment and working closely with rental agencies, we offer the filming of your material either at your location or in studios all over Europe. We are also licensed to shoot commercial drone footage worldwide.

Editing & Grading

With three individual editing workstations, each with calibrated screens and resolutions of up to 5k native, running either Premiere or Final Cut Pro we can integrate into your workflow or indeed offer you the full service start to finish. With several high capacity servers local and online and our networked workstations we can quickly edit any material extremely efficiently.


Although most media is consumed online these days, we still have guarded our capabilities to publish to any media format you require and we do so adhering closely to international broadcast and other technical standards.



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