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Soundr - sound design and audio post production services. Sound- music- and dialogue editing, foley, mixing, mastering at affordable rates.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q.: What is audio post production anyway?
A.: Audio Post Production entails the complete process of creating the soundtrack for a film or animation. This includes editing and enhancing production sound (sound that was recorded during the filming process), dialogue editing, additional dialogue recording (ADR, sometimes referred to as automated dialogue replacement), sound design (sound effects) and editing, foley recording (for example clothes rustling, humans interacting with objects), music composition and editing and finally mixing it all together (sometimes called re-recording or dubbing). 

Q.: How long does it take for a full soundtrack to be created? 
A.: It really depends on the duration and content of the film. A simple logo animation can be done in hours whereas a 40 minute sci-fi action shooter can take weeks if not months.

Q.: At what point in time should I send you my project?
A.: The sooner a sound pro can get involved with your project the better the outcome. Feel free to get in touch even at the pre-production stage to get some pointers on what to look out for and tips on creating visuals that really work with the audio part and also some common mistakes to prevent (e.g. panning problems, noise reduction, room tone recording etc.)

Apart from that the time is right when your picture is locked. Meaning no more edits will be made to the sequence and duration of your film. Any changes you make after submitting your picture to audio post production will cause ripple effects that can cause entire portions of work having to be redone.

Q.: Can you create XYZ surround sound?
A.: Yes. Please get in touch to talk about the different formats, what they mean and the licensing associated with these different formats.

Q.: What is ITU BS.1770-3, EBU R128, ATSC A/85, TR-B32 or OP-59
A.: All these cryptic designations are broadcast standards for the audio portion of a broadcast. Several countries have legislation in place that requires publicly transmitted broadcasts to adhere to these standards. For more specific information feel free to get in touch but as long as you let me know what, how and where you intend to distribute your picture, Sound'r will always make sure you get a standards compliant version of your soundtrack. 

Q.: Can you create sound for games or other interactive media?
A.: Yes. Whether from scratch or using middleware such as Wwise or Fmod, for 2D, 3D, Retro or VR, Console or other, Sound'r is also able of making your game sound its best. (This includes Casino games conforming to the respective standards). 

Q: In what format should the turnover be?
A: The turnover aka your picture, EDLs, audio files etc. should be sent to Sound'r in the following formats:

Picture: Quicktime Movie in 720p, 1080p or higher, all Quicktime formats acceptable (H.264, Apple Pro Res 422, Photo-JPEG preferred). A timecode burn-in is very much encouraged and mandatory for some productions (please ask when in doubt).

Sound: If you have them, turn over any separate audio recordings from the dialogue, (temp) music, sound effects and others. When using stock music please also include the original full / all versions of that music as a separate audio file. 

OMF export with external audio (not embedded!) either AIFF or WAV, split or joined stereo and handles should be at least 1 second (e.g. 25 frames at 25fps) before and after, more is better! 

Alternatively use AAF Export with embedded media, with at least 1 second handles and no video tracks. 

For EDL’s, please get in touch. Any other documentation, scripts, logs, notes, whatever you have that helps us “get” what your intentions are, will be great for us to have so we can create the best possible soundtrack for you. 

If you wish to send physical media please send it to the address listed on the contact page and avoid shipping with Hermes as they tend to be a bit rough. DHL, UPS, DPD we find are generally more careful with your goods. Insurance and tracking is highly encouraged no matter what!

Q.: Is it Sound'r or Soundr? 
A.: Officially it's "Sound'r" - with an apostrophe but "Soundr" is fine too :-)

Have a question not answered here? Submit it below using the form or get in touch any other way and I'll be happy to answer any and all questions you might have about the Audio Post Production process. 

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